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A verb, which means to grab someone between their butt cheeks and to squeeze, almost with an intent to hurt, although it is often done in a joking, playful manner between friends. The most common way to goose someone is with the fingers and thumb of one hand. The fingers grab from the bottom, and the thumb from the top. Then, in an upwards, and squeezing motion, you goose them. It is normally done while the "receiver" is wearing clothes, although there is no reason why it couldn't be done without clothes.
What the...oh man, I've just been goosed!

He goosed me so hard it bruised my anus!

The reason I have skid marks on my undies must be because I was goosed ealier today.

"Man, don't goose me again, okay?"
"Ah, c'mon, what's a little goossing between friends?"
by Dave March 04, 2003
to find a hot chick take home and goose ( sex )
big booty latin chick you wanna goose with!!
by seakoner January 27, 2011
A loving word for mother.

Derived from Mother Goose.
Son: Hey Goose how are you?
Mother: Better than you after what I just found out you did!
by Vibro February 20, 2011
In reference to something being down, with it, or awesome. Derived from down products made of goose.
that was goose!
by FrankieJ1s December 04, 2010
Is a playful way to say sex, smash, and all terms to say fuck! It comes from the game "duck duck goose" but was used in a game called "hide go get it." Also it commonly from the pants pressing days as a child.
I want to goose you down? Ok, lets goose!
by Mropevargas November 17, 2010
GOOSE!: what you holler when you poke a finger down someones a-crack
taking the action of running a finger down exposed crack in a jabbing manner, simultaneosly yelling 'GOOSE!'
by Alyx Kerr March 04, 2007
A verb. To beat someone in a race. To run past someone like really fast.
In order for Jimmy to win the race, he needs to goose past Bob.
by The Man, man August 30, 2012
To have several bowel movements in a short period of time.
I ate tour catering and Iv'e been shitting like a GOOSE!!