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People with little to no teeth, that smoke/chew tobacco, hunt as a sport, talk about guns all the time, live in/on a farm and/or in the country, own trucks, wear jeans, boots, and camouflage hats/jackets all the time, are poorly educated, and/or walk like they have hemorrhoids up their ass who attend or are associated with NASCAR.
I hate NASCAR because there are just too many fucking faggot cowboys!!!
by Accordion November 08, 2010
(slang) To share witty comebacks, insults, or rumors to your friends or peers, usually done in a clique or group of friends.
You here plenty of stupid shit when kids here pass the dozen.
by Accordion March 26, 2011
A drift/street racing gang member who participates in illegal drift/street racing.
Gangs of driftster s are common in cities, such as Tokyo or New York.
by Accordion February 06, 2011
A woman who has had plastic surgery at least once.
She is such a Barbie with her high-whores and her fake breasts!!!!
by Accordion December 08, 2010
A retarded/slow/mentally handicapped person, usually refers to a band member that is. May also refer to a bad musician.
That guy is such an Oboe, he can't even play wrong notes right!
by Accordion November 05, 2010
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