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A variation of the word goo. Many people who play "World of Goo" substitute every use of the word goo with goor.
by Piercey13 January 08, 2011
An awesome name for Vodka. Pronounced: "Gooh-rrr"
Based on the Smirfnoff Storm advertisement where Boris introduces us to his homeboy Goor.
Thabani: "Eh man, Shorty is stressing me out..."
Kagiso: "Dude, want some Goor?"
Thabani: "What are we going to do with all this apple juice?"
Kagiso: "Um, mix it with Goor?"
Thabani: "Who was the 45th vice-president of the USA?"
Kagiso: "Al Goor?"
by Kagiso Khaole April 17, 2008
(adj)-where one good thing is offset by a poor thing

(n.) - a state of being niether good or poor in emotion

Man 1: How was your blind date?
Man 2. Dog, she was goor! She had good tits but a poor ass.

Woman 1: How do you feel about the statistics class?
Woman 2: Goor. For every good score on a homework assignment, I get a poor test grade. I don't know how to feel.
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