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An interjection used to express pain, boredom, or indifference.
Kyle: Wake up. We gotta edit the movie.
Pierce: Ugh... goik.
Tommy: Goik.
#goor #gewehr #dush #goikus #let's hope there's a haven
by Piercey13 January 08, 2011
A variation of the word goo. Many people who play "World of Goo" substitute every use of the word goo with goor.
#goik #gewehr #world of goo #dush #love spikes
by Piercey13 January 08, 2011
An interjection repeated over and over when playing split screen Nazi Zombies in World at War. Only said after purchasing the Gewehr 43. Must NOT be pronounced correctly; must always be pronounced as spelled.
Tommy: Outta pistol ammo. Gonna get the Gewehr.
Pierce: Gewehr.
Tommy: Gewehr.
#goik #goor #dush #nazi zombies #world at war
by Piercey13 January 08, 2011
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