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The joy of discovering an amazing Google product.
"That new calendar gave me a Googlegasm"
by Pauly Jura April 17, 2006
the little orgasm that everyone that works at Google has every time you do a Google search.
Eric Shmidt just had multiple Googlegasms when you did that Google Search for Google in Google Chrome while you were setting Google search as your homepage
by Holmeise October 10, 2009
When you start Googling a topic which leads you to something totally unrelated that's really exciting, unexpected, and magical, which gets you so intrigued and psyched that you order something having to do with it on Amazon or iTunes.
This afternoon I had a Googlegasm while I was trawling the internet for lamps and ordered Chekhov's short stories on Amazon when I discovered what a hunk Chekhov was.
by spectralchick December 05, 2013
When you are looking up hot celebrities on google images and it really turns you on. (aka, jake gyllnehaal and david beckham shirtless)
Courtney had a total googlegasm when she was looking up pictures of David Beckham.
by eschut November 11, 2010
Googlegasm. -- after performing a succesful and happy search on Google bodily fluids issue forth suddenly, and in great quantity, covering the searchers screen, causing the monitor to suddenly short out and burst into flames.
"Jimmy come downstairs for dinner now!"
"Mom! Can you bring me up a another fire extinguisher ? I just had another Googlegasm."
by xxbirdmanxx November 10, 2009
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