A way in which to define the popularity of something, based on how much somebody pays you.
She may be a bitch, but she buys me lots of stuff, so she's a 9 on my google scale!
by Ryen November 04, 2004
Top Definition
When you download the Google Toolbar, there is an option that Google gives you to let them spy on you... er, rate the pages you visit. That is called the Google Scale. Ahem.
*sings* Sometimes I feel like, my Google Scale's watching me.. *stops singing* Oh wait, it is!
by Muffin November 04, 2004
See also, google or elgoog
The scale of google.. i guess
by Adam November 05, 2004
a scale were it measures ur penis
"oh no im only 2googles.. this google scale sux!"
by fuck me baby November 04, 2004
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