Go to google and type in elgoog, then click on I'm feeling lucky to access a mirror world google. To do searches, you need to type in reverse. Really annoying and funny.
I ran an elgooG search for 'abmug abmug' because I love ego surfing. It linked back to urbandictionary, gametalk and a bunch of mafia and mountain bike websites
by Kung-fu Jesus June 26, 2004
the backwards of google
google.. ..elgoog see?
by Connotator May 11, 2005
-Google spelled backwards
-If you search elgoog on google, it will bring up a mirrored version of google where everything is backwards
I went to use my friends laptop and she must've of typed elgoog because the whole site was backwards including everything I typed.
by sm2585 November 18, 2014
No pants; without pants.
Bryant is el goog today.
by Just Dotty May 09, 2005
The spanish version of Google, used for those mexican and spanish people who need a good search engine.

Also pronounced "El Google"
Sam-" Dude, now i can find online stores that sell mexican candy using ElGoog! "

Garret-" And you can buy a Brazilian mail-order bride! "

Sam- >.< " oh yesssss "
by Jordan Shan March 13, 2008

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