Pronounced Googalized
Puerto Rican pronounciation of Google-lized
The point of Realization that you are proven right or wrong by Google.
Usually takes place after being told to Googalit
Person 1: I'm telling you, Wolverine will kill Batman in a fight!
Person 2: Batman is the best, he got gadgets in his underware that can kill Wolverine.
Person 1: Dude, just Googalit already!
Person 2: Alright, give me your awesome iPhone because my phone sucks...
Person 1: Dude, you need to hurry up and buy an iPhone already, I've been telling you this for over 2 years now!
Person 2: My mommy won't let me buy one. (grabs iPhone)...seconds later.... Wolverine...blah blah will kick.. blah blah the crap...blah blah outa Batman...blah blah....
Person 1: So have you Googalized that Batman sucks and Wolverine would beat down Batman?
Person 2: yup, I came to the Googalization that you are right.
by liquid_wolverine June 01, 2011

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