1. A noun used to describe a noun.
2. To be of such a good manner that the future can not hold it
thus being forced to be in the past, creating a past tense
- This movie is a good'en
- Dude, that was a good'en, You can't deny the goodness of the good'en
by Job for a James December 11, 2006
Top Definition
when you are really really really feeling bueno and you just cant deny it.
How are you?
Im gooden
by JeremyLara October 21, 2008
The Idaho way of saying "good one". In some contexts it means "good people", or plural (good ones).
Josh: The new Quentin Tarantino movie was a gooden.

Mike: It was pretty good, but we have to get back to our job at Micron.
by "The truth" June 30, 2013
That which cannot be defined.
Can you define "gooden"?
by DontFearIt56 October 16, 2010
An idiot's way of saying that something needs improving. Can also be used as simply "good", and can be used in conjunction with "learn" (definition: idiots' universal verb).
My car needs goodens, so I'm taking it into the shop tomorrow.

Hey, could you gooden my sandwich by adding some roast turkey?

This show needs some goodens!
by Capt. Win October 04, 2007
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