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The scientific medical diagnosis’s, affecting predominantly the brain. Its a syndrome consisting of several known symptoms. You may call and classify a person as a Goober if they fit 3 or more listed symptoms.
Symptoms are as follows
.Completely Retarded for large periods of time
.Cute as hell(no known reason why or how they do it)
.May dance randomly and
.Likes music from lack of talent singers such as Michael Buble(bub-ble)
.May be anoying i.e. enjoys waking you up, poking you. ect
.clumsy(drops things, puts non refrigerated items in the fridge, has difficulty cooking simple food like ravioli(maybe even cant get into pan)
.cute smile
.very affectionate
.leaves funny voicemails, myspace, or facebook comments.
If you know anyone who has 3 or more of these symptoms you must be advised to promptly call them a Goober and refer them to for further proof of their ailment.
Shannon-Im gonna do what im gonna do cuz im a man and thats what i say.
ben-wow i saw this disease on Ubrandictionary once, you must have goobertitis
by Ben Fisher August 14, 2006
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