a silly, ridiculous person; a peanut-head
*you never message me
-you're always idle
by d0rk April 19, 2004
An adversary that is unskilled, or low level, and relatively easy to defeat. (Mostly used in role playing games.)
There are two armed men guarding the door; not to worry they're goobs.
by Q. B. Foxx September 06, 2010
One who eats popcorn, shits it out onto more popcorn, stirs it up, and then eats it.

Resembles the texture of Shepherd's Pie, after one has mixed up the potatoes, vegetables, and beef all together into one gooby mess.
"Hey dude, how do you want your popcorn?"
"I'm a goob, remember?"
"Oh ya..."
by goob69 January 16, 2010
Gooey Boobs!

The act of Spunking on Boobs!
I'd love to give Zoe Goobs!
by goobmeister January 12, 2010
a synonym for good
it's goob that most of the people at this rowing camp are fairly normal. Some of them are crazy though.
by haveagoobday June 24, 2009
A good for nothing guy. enough said.
most guys on the planet are goobs
by random_racer May 31, 2009
1.) A small amount of flem combined with saliva created in the mouth. Goobs usually dangle to the ground slowly out of the mouth, unless taken by the wind. Not to be confused with a lugey which is spat out of the mouth with great force, not dropped.
2.) Foreign sticky substance not well understood.
1.) Tommy, ignorant and stupid, stepped on the goob in bare feet. The fool.
2.) John: What is that stuff on your shirt, Jim?
Jim: Aww dang! I forgot to wash my clothes and they have goob on them!
by The Jordan March 27, 2008
A flem of sorts projecting from the body
he goobed all over the place
by tree mister February 06, 2010

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