A person that you bang (preferably quite hard) exactly one time No more. No less. Just once. The term also implies there is no intention or desire for another encounter.
James: Who was that girl you were with last night?

Steve: Doesn't matter, she was just a gong.
by jerryjeryyjerryjerry December 23, 2014
Football term referring to victory.
"Inter Milan have claimed the first gong of the treble"
by chepchep May 14, 2010
Glass on Glass, describes a bong to smoke marijuana, It is made entirely of glass. The tube is glass, stem is glass, and bowl is glass. Some of the best bongs made are gongs.
Dude lets hit that gong and get high as a mother fucker!
by lihkin January 07, 2006
guy thong
For Valentine's Day, I bought my boyfriend a red gong.
by legnanot April 13, 2009
Slang term for the coastal city of Wollongong, in the Illawarra, in NSW Australia.
Generally only used by locals, or those familiar with the area.
"Goin down to tha Gong this weekend"
by CP84 November 21, 2005
A fad style of glass pipe found after use to create glass dust.

gong means fool that brags with no awareness everyone is laughing at them.
That guy's faceless profile made me laugh, he is such a gong.

Those guys like sausage fest parties making them all gongs.
by POPM January 24, 2010
An Asian dude.

You should most definitely not say you want to bang a gong, unless of course, you want to bang an Asian guy.
I went to China Town last weekend...Awful lot of gongs there
by TheOnlyJack February 07, 2009

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