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Video Game Boner. Made popular by YouTube show "20 Minutes or Less" co-host, Joe Bereta on the on the SourceFed channel.
"Yeah what gives you a goner? That's a video game boner. Just made it up. It's a thing now."
by Nullpersona February 13, 2012
UK: Somebody who is going to or has died, also used in an ireverent way to defuse a situation through humor.
1) Parachutist's reserve chute fails, 'he's a goner for sure'.

2) Submarine sinks below a depth where rescue is possible.
'The whole crew are goners poor bastards'.

3) Harry did not get home till 5am, he'll be a goner when his wife gets hold of him.
by Blue Cawdrey November 23, 2004
A video-game boner.

www. youtube. com/watch?v=YNajEdo_cBw&feature=context&context=G2699bb4FUAAAAAAAAAA
"Yeah what gives you a Goner? That's a video game boner. Just made it up, its a thing now." Joe Bereta
by Joe Bereta February 13, 2012
A follower of degenerate rock'n'roll and related noise. Term used to apply to fans and followers of Goner Records based out of Memphis, TN.
Ever read the Goner message board? It's full of goners!
by corkballer August 11, 2006
baseball slang term for a home run
"A swing and a high fly ball! Deep right-centerfield! This is way back in the gap and it's a goner" - John Rooney
by Ben HT May 01, 2007
a female version of a boner. unlike guys girls hide this.

senario 1: two girls talking in the hall

hot guy passes

both girls "GONER!!"
senario 2 : girl talking to her guy friends

girl with big tits and a even bigger ass passes

guys "bONER!!"

15 minutes lATEer a guy 6'4 with 6pack abs and black hair passes

girl" GONER!!!"
by justpoppedinmyhead September 11, 2011
When a girl gets sexually aroused; a female boner.
Omg, Magic Mike gives me such a raging go-ner.
Ew, Brenda you're gross.
by McJuicy January 23, 2015
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