A boner, derived from video game related playing or discussion.
"Did you see the new Assassin's Creed 3 trailer?"
"Dude, every time I watch it I get a goner"
by Joe Winchester March 27, 2012
A boner but for girls. AKA a girl boner.
Oh my god that guy is soo hot, I just got a goner
by librarian94746575886 April 01, 2012
An inanimate statement, assumption, or interpretation acknowledged as to be completely "ridiculous" yet equally intelligent because of the perception of something great that's not really there.
The sidewalk flavored Daniel Larusso's bicuspid syrup (the goner) was great on my potatoes.

Frisbee divided by ' for crunches' equals a squirrel's dream's lockerroom high five.
by Cool Jimmy Beans August 04, 2011
term for a girl that's so ugly, disgusting, bitchy, repulsive, etc. that she makes guys' boners go away. synonym for boner shrinker.
Lara: "Did you see Kim in her flesh-colored one piece last night?"

Ella: "Oh yeah. She looked like she had just climbed out of the swamp. No guy would ever touch that."

Lara: "That girl is SUCH a goner."
by lgolebie May 27, 2011
a boner resulting from sexual attraction from same sex...simply, a gay boner
George Bush gets raging goners everytime he watches Bill O'Reilly
by heezy420 September 03, 2010
someone who has been subdued or nearly subdued
Im a goner! You must go on without me.
by Light Joker April 29, 2005
getting a boner while playing Gears of War.
Alex: Jim got a huge goner while playing Gears last night
Dean: man thats hilarious!
by TheMillionthMan November 07, 2009
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