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A Southern U.S. expression for a very large specimen of anything. Often used to describe a big fish. Also commonly used to refer to a big lie.
I had a real gollywhopper on the hook, but my line broke before I got it in the boat.

Bubba didn't have a good reason for getting home late, so he made up some big gollywhopper about having a flat tire.
by Your Old Uncle Bill December 22, 2013
A golly whopper is Appalachian slang for the telling of a rather bold and big lie.
When Billie Bob's wife asked where he had been, rather than admit he was out with another woman, Billie Bob told a golly whopper: "I was at work."
by AppalachianAl June 16, 2012
1) The thing that hangs down from a turkey's neck.
2) Also used to refer to the thing that hangs from an obese person's neck. Especially if a person was obese, lost weight, and has loose extra skin.
3) Can sometimes be used in reference to the male genetalia.
4) Walt.
(3) female: "So, me and this guy were foolin around and his gollywhopper was huge, so I could only give him a helmet wash, but then he spiderman'd me!
by nenanova January 04, 2008
A penis that, when presented in the *whop form to an audience of one or more, evokes a "gollllly!"

*zip, *WHOP. *silver ware and dishes on table rattle
Guy: I know.

Crocodile Dundee: "That ain't a golly whoppa, thIS is a golly whoppa!"

golly whopper
by BKgolleewhopper April 17, 2009
An exclamation of shock or surprise. Similar to "Golly Gosh" or "Oh my days".
Golly whoppers that's big!
She sat on his face?! Golly whoppers!
by Daff75020 February 10, 2008
a gollywhopper is a made up animal that southern people made up to scare campers (a large dog/bear looking anmial with two legs shrt arms and no hair)
"Hey felicia you better watch out for them gollywhoppers dont let em get inside your tent keep it zipped!!"
by Noelia Dixon August 17, 2007
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