When two men and two asian women go back to a hotel room after a night the club. Then men have sex with the asian women "doggy style" while the women make out facing eachother. the two men then "pound" both fists together, thus forming the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!

The women must be asian in order for the bridge to be golden.
"lets go find ourselves some asians, to have a golden gate bridge"
by The Nole November 01, 2006
Same as an Eiffel Tower, except somehow there is piss involved from one or all of the participants.
While Dick and Johnson were banging Gina, they high-fived each other and Gina took a piss, thus creating The Golden Gate Bridge.
by Rey A. May 03, 2007
When you lie on your back between the chair and the ottoman and your lover straddles you and pees on you while reading the newspaper
When I got home last night, my wife gave me a golden gate bridge
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
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