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Purple Passion is a grape alcoholic beverage made with Everclear. It used to be sold in the 1980's in a 2 liter bottle. Other than Everclear, Purple Passion had another prominant ingredient: "substandard grapes". Closely related beverages are Tropical Passion and Pink Passion.
I didnt know Purple Passion had Everclear. I probably shouldn't have drank that 2 liter bottle of it.
by EverClear Jack January 23, 2013
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Excessive romantic and/or carnal interest in women of Indian or South Asian descent. Analogous to yellow fever. Derived from the purple hue of the vulva and labia of South Asian women.
Jealous White Girl: "Why is it that Mark's last three girlfriends were all desis? Does he have some kind of asian fetish?"

Guy In the Know: "Nope. He's just got the Purple Passion."
by Desi Luvr #1 May 13, 2010
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In the American Midwest (specifically small town Nebraska), "Purple Passion" refers to the practice of throwing a party in which all guests bring their own bottle of hard liquor. Everybody dumps the liquor into a bathtub or garbage can and starts drinking!
We are all heading to Sandy Duncan's purple passion party on friday--you coming?.
by Jake Riechtan December 31, 2007
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Refers to any number of alcoholic beverages, most of which contain at least a small amount of grape juice.
"Mix me up a Purple Passion, I've had a rough day."
by Mike Maijgren October 06, 2005
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Another name for the "Ghost" hover-bikes from the game Halo
It is very easy to cheese a brick of kills when you are Easy-Riding a purple-passion.
by Crapshooter August 05, 2003
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