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A male penis that can remain fully erect for unusually long periods of sexual intercourse without medical or technological aid, can cum on command, and can become erect again within minutes. Abbreviation: GC
I'm so tired last night I had the most amazing GC, Golden Cock!
by nishap September 02, 2011
A guy who is ballin' with social status, women, wealth, and unlimited access.
Chris: Are we getting a good table?

Sam: Don't worry, they always accommodate the golden cock.
by LVWP April 19, 2010
When the cock is so good, the guy can get all the hot chicks, even though he's a 30 year old jobless loser.
Did you see the girl Timmons brought home? He must have a golden cock, man.
by YouTubeForever July 30, 2009
a person who re defines the word cock someone so stupid and rearded he/she is crowned the " golden cock "
A :does the queen live in england ?

B: shut up you nob fuck me you are a proppa golden cock
by Kieran11111111 October 22, 2008
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