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Goke=Good + Joke = Good joke
Is a sarcastic term used as an adjective to describe a joke that isn't funny ( see. Shoke for a funny joke). A goker is a person who regularly tells non funny jokes.

The pre-fix of G can be commonly used in front of everday words to describe things which are bad. ie. Goor = Good Door which is actually a bad door which is poorly made.
Gareth: Why did the chicken cross the road?
William: Why?
Gareth: To get to the other side!
William: Goke
by urbandictioner2010 April 12, 2010
More than one goke.
A person that is generally gokey and commits a lot of gokery.

Gokey gokey gokey.
Carlene, "What a bunch of gokes."
Kayla, "VIVA GOKES! Not."
Carlene, "What the goke?"
by UraGoke July 21, 2010
A modern-day joke. The concept of a "goke" was invented by kyleiskool in 2006. After being spread and put into common usage by itotallyrock and PilotsOfTheWest, it was officially declared a replacement for jokes in 2008. Using the word "joke" and referring to anything as a joke is now illegal.
"Did you hear the goke about the two jews and the bar?"
by Peter J. Winston May 11, 2008
A geek joke.
(eg. "There's no place like")

Originaly was a typo but was covered up with the definition "A Geek Joke"
Rob: PC-Cillin is good hey.
Mark: pc cillin is about as good as VET.
Rob: relax, it's just a goke
Mark: a goke?
Rob: yeah, a geek joke.
by Rob Ferguson May 04, 2004
a mentally retarted, young african who has an obsession for girls named kiley, and pees on his flashcards.
dude, look at that goke, and my god his flashcards are yellow.
by JD and Scott December 20, 2004
1. Word used as a replacement for any and all racial slurs.
2. Name for any person you mean to racially attack but without the whole "I can't believe you just said that" after-effect.
Somebody shut that stupid goke up, I'm watching the game.
by XFDP October 14, 2008
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