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KT= Keep talking
A sarcastic expression telling someone to keep talking when in fact the opposite is meant. Usually in reference to a negative comment.
Eddie: Your such a mug

Tom: KT
by urbandictioner2010 April 12, 2010
Goke=Good + Joke = Good joke
Is a sarcastic term used as an adjective to describe a joke that isn't funny ( see. Shoke for a funny joke). A goker is a person who regularly tells non funny jokes.

The pre-fix of G can be commonly used in front of everday words to describe things which are bad. ie. Goor = Good Door which is actually a bad door which is poorly made.
Gareth: Why did the chicken cross the road?
William: Why?
Gareth: To get to the other side!
William: Goke
by urbandictioner2010 April 12, 2010

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