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A person who has so much money that their bank account terrorizes business men in downtown Tokyo.
Godzillionaire Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Records, recently purchased the Milky Way Galaxy for an undisclosed sum.
#zillionaire #gazillionaire #filthy stinking rich #donald trump #richard branson #tony stark.
by AntidisestablismentMonkeyism June 15, 2013
-Godzillionaire disclose intelligent godzillionaires, knowledgeable godzillionaires, understandable godzillionaires. wise godzillionaires, intuitional godzillionaires, mon'eyed godzillionaires, streetwise godzillionaires, soulful godzillionaires, and talkative godzillionaires.
-Godzillionaire septuple godzillionaire action
the whole,godzillionaire.
#intelligence #knowledge. wisdom #understanding #intuition #money #soulfulness #talker
by Godzillionaire August 23, 2009
A godzillionaire is a person who has a net worth of at least one godzillion units of a currency, usually the US Dollar, Euro or the Pound.
-godzillionaire buying penthouses all throughout the entire world
-godzillionaire wears $400,000 dollar outfits
-godzillionaire drives in $600,000 dollar cars
-godzillionaire makes godzillionairesses
man, beautiful women with marvellous attire just walk in the most expensive lounge in the country, must be godzillionairesses from godzillionaire!!!!!!
#treasures #riches #money #assets #greenbacks
by Vigintillionaire July 25, 2009
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