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umptillionaire on whose wealth is estimated at an umptillion or umptillions ( as of dollars)
-umptillionaire bought the whole entire earth!!
-umptillionaire makes umptillionairesses
- umptillionaire drives cars over $600,000 dollars
-umptillionaire dresses in outfits over $400,000 dollars
everybody don't know where riches coming from, it must be umptillionaire!!!!
by Vigintillionaire July 25, 2009
one whose wealth is estimated at a vigintillion or vigintillions (as of dollars)
man, riches coming from everywhere and nobody knows from whom, it must be vigintillionaire
by Vigintillionaire July 25, 2009
A godzillionaire is a person who has a net worth of at least one godzillion units of a currency, usually the US Dollar, Euro or the Pound.
-godzillionaire buying penthouses all throughout the entire world
-godzillionaire wears $400,000 dollar outfits
-godzillionaire drives in $600,000 dollar cars
-godzillionaire makes godzillionairesses
man, beautiful women with marvellous attire just walk in the most expensive lounge in the country, must be godzillionairesses from godzillionaire!!!!!!
by Vigintillionaire July 25, 2009
n. the study of the occult meaning of Cuzz.
what you learn from Cuzzology.
by Vigintillionaire December 31, 2009

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