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-Godzillionaire disclose intelligent godzillionaires, knowledgeable godzillionaires, understandable godzillionaires. wise godzillionaires, intuitional godzillionaires, mon'eyed godzillionaires, streetwise godzillionaires, soulful godzillionaires, and talkative godzillionaires.
-Godzillionaire septuple godzillionaire action
the whole,godzillionaire.
by Godzillionaire August 23, 2009
- All Fancyboy clothes are expensive, and are usually from shops such as Topman and River Island, fendi, gucci. nordstrom, and coogi.

- Tight, girly-coloured (pink, yellow, etc) t-shirts that are of no readily identifiable brand and usually have some kind of scrawled pattern or design on the front. No more than 2 layers of clothing can be worn at any time, even in the winter.

- Tight, plain, expensive jeans.

- Trainers, usually white and in girly colours.

- Gelled (but more commonly waxed now a days) hair, sometimes with highlights. Grown quite long.

- Socialise only with other fancyboys/girls.

- Never participate in violence, but love gossiping when fights do erupt, and talking about "what they would have done" in an effort to show masculinity to their girl friends.

- Wear moderate amounts of jewellary.

- Do not go out much. Spend as little time on the streets as possible, as they realise they are a vulnerable target for muggings and random violence.

- Fancyboys are usually friendly, but can come across as irritating, and cocky.

- Fancyboys are usually very wealthy, but can come from a range of social backgrounds. Some fancyboys are ex-rudeboys who see the rudeboy culture as immature.

- Most are popular with girls, as fancyboys dress specifically to appeal to women.

- Follow a strict social strucutre religously. They think they "have a place" in their school/college, and know who they can "talk down to" and who to "suck up to."

- Most will claim they listen to a mix of R&B, hiphop and rock, but really just listen to whatever is in the charts at the moment.

-Fancyboys are very fancy in the tlye of dress wearing nothing but the best.
-Fancyboys goes with the girls that are dimepieces.
-Fancyboys keep two cellphones.
- Fancyboys tell girls what they feel like so they keep fancyboy happy with whatever he wants
man you dress sharp, you must be getting it like the rest of the made Fancyboys?
by Godzillionaire August 16, 2009
-G'sphere disclose intelligent Gs, knowledgeable Gs, understandable Gs, wise Gs, intuitional Gs, streetwise Gs, soulful Gs, mon'eyed Gs, and talkative Gs.
the genius, G'sphere!!!!!!
by Godzillionaire August 23, 2009
G'sphere full of the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, intelligence, and intuition of G.
-storehouses of G
you smart, you must be a G'sphere?
by Godzillionaire August 09, 2009

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