1. A term used to refer to a large person
1. Holy shit! That girl Margaret from DA looks like GODZILLA!!
by Bobbybrown11 January 29, 2006
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A Godzilla is when you sneak into a mans apartment and then rape the man in the ass. When your about to pull out you realize then that the man did not shower for a year. When you cum your cum turns brown and smelly and when it touches the skin it gives the skin a rash. Then when your done cuming you piss all over him and shave off your pubes so the person that got raped looks like Godzilla, and his back will look all scaly because of the hardcore rape.
What happen to you last night, oh i think i got Godzilla.

Wow why is your back all horny, oh i think I got Godzilla
by sturve May 28, 2011
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An ancient, ancient legend, dating back into japan's history, which goes back some millions of years, according to mainstream Japanese scholars, and often told of by others as untrue and unfoundable, set in for, history books have not been using the same calendar systems, so it doesn't not, check out.
The kanji for Godzilla's name spell godzilla itself, as any number of obscure readings from regions have always been accepted as mainstream Japanese, once learned about, and Japan's empire spans global sentiment going back hundreds of thousands of years, according to scholars worldwide.
The kanji is written 神鱠, and its reading come from the same roots as ours for god神, which that first kanji is of, meaning guardian or deity, in Japanese connotation, and the second, ocean lizard 鱠, again, sharing roots with the ancient, finer, narrower classifications of reptiles, called lizards, in many variant languages, and in this land, over more in mountain waters and sky scrapers, all history has tall towers, but sky scrapers, no such evil as can exist in tyrannical monstrosities without summoning a giant leviathan of great evil, like the draga Roda, who has a long history as a devil, himself.
In the summoning of these great monsters of the seas and skies and grounds below, the japanese were said to call on Godzilla, the guardian of Japan.
"This cannot be plausible! All people in Japan knew of Rodan! How could we make this mistake again?!" "Hurry! We MUST summon Godzilla!
by Setsuko Kaguya October 02, 2016
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1. An extremly fat person
2. A asain monster
3. a really really fat b@#$%
Asain boy sees an extreamly fat lady and screams while pointing at her:
by random "ginger ninger" January 03, 2006
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When you are doing a girl jack rabbit style and you pull out, step across her body and stomp on her head.
The person in the definition is stepping on the girls head like he is godzilla.
by Tim Duff December 06, 2006
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A giant shit that resembles a monster
OMG! i left a Godzilla in your toilet and it looks like Avril Lavigne
by Kaza Kay Jay November 16, 2007
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That giant thing on your face called.. a pimple.
"LOOK, Godzilla is on your face!"
by HelloHawtie June 13, 2009
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