The nickname for the infamous GT-R Skyline. Came into popularity in the western world in the Early 90's through its crushing defeats of the domestic models. In Australia consecutive wins of the Bathurst 1000 cemented its place in history.

2.6 Twin Turbo Creating 206+ KW (japanese regulation powers limit that is well know to be 'bent' by maufactures)

0-100: ~4.5 Sec
1/4 Mile: ~13.2 sec
Drive: 4wd

Has been known to be tuned in excess of 1000hp by Jun and Topsecret
Well i only saw the tail-lights but judging by how fast its going - GTR!
by Shinku April 28, 2003
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The nickname given to the R32 Nissan Skyline GTR because of the tremendous amount of races won during the early 90s. No other car in its class proved better.

GODZILLA does not apply to the r33,r34 or r35 GTR.
Dude, that Godzilla ripped it apart on the Nuremberg circuit
by metin johnson July 09, 2010
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A FUCKING amazing ass-raping beast of Japan, host MW2 lobbies and gets pussy every night. Is a major religion to some people.
I am hosting fwee godzilla lobby message me for ass rape your he will ass rape you !
by AmazinUkrainian September 18, 2010
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A movie monster that is supposed to be some sort of radioactive dinosaur but in reality has all the qualities of a giant newt, including amphibious habits, a slow and clumsy gait, a cute face, and the ability to regenerate.

The original Godzilla film, which was originally entitled Gojira in native Japan, was a cheesy, exploitative B-grade movie with an iron-fisted and rather pedestrian attempt at social commentary. It was followed by 26 redundant and largely unimganative sequels, a terrible American remake, and countless fans who somehow think that this was a better example of the craft of movie-making and artistic siginificance than "King Kong" (1933).
Do you want to watch a truly horrifying movie that is a warning about nuclear warfare? Watch "The Day After" (1983). Godzilla is pure escapism.
by Killing Kittens July 17, 2006
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Obese female(woman) who has thunder-feet when walking! ie. boom, boom, boom, boom. The whole house shakes when she walks about. She's annoying, stubborn, manipulative, controlling, has a big-mouth. She intimidates and bullys' people around. Fearless natured, critcal of others, closed-minded individual.
Oh! Oh! Godzilla just walked in the house. She sounds pissed off! Godzilla repeatedly screams for her spouse "_____ where are you?" Her poor-husband innocently answers, she interrogates' him and starts bitching away in a critical manner.

Godzilla alert! Run for your lives!

Godzilla really beat the crap out of him!
by Queenfcukalot October 15, 2007
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Said when someone sneezes so as not to offend atheists.
I'm so glad you said "Godzilla" instead of "God bless you" or, as an atheist, I would have been severely offended.
by Sikuvitall March 26, 2011
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(v.) To destroy the work of someone else, esp. from meddling, unnecessary supervision, or incompetence; usually by a superior, boss, micromanager, etc.
So I finished my proposal last night and Fred wanted me to bring it in so he could red pen it. He's had nothing to do with it until now, but wants some credit. The moron godzilla'd my shit and I don't know what to do since I can't kill him.
by hrshysqrt77 April 22, 2010
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