A man that has a thing for Asian women... thus he is a "Godzilla" otherwise known as an Asian chaser.
He has so many asian girls on his facebook friends list. He must be a Godzilla.
by pillowcasepapercuts October 11, 2011
Coolest reptillian monster dude ever.
Godzilla: RAAWWRRR
Japanese cizitens: AAAAHHH
by LyssaKillsZombies May 07, 2011
1. Large lizard which attacks stuff
2. Popular song about by Blue Oyster Cult from the 1977 album Spectres
1. Aaarrghh! said Godzilla as he destroyed a car
2. Godzilla is my second favorite Blue Oyster Cult song
by dog500 June 27, 2005
A title given to the Nissan R32 GTR Skyline by 'MOTOR' magazine when the Nissan was invincible at the Bathurst endurance race in 1989-1991. It was later banned and the pathetic V8 drivers started their own V8Supercars competition.....If you cant beat them, ban them....GREAT AUSSIE ATTITUDE.....
Nissan brings back Godzilla with the R35 GTR.
by smok74 December 26, 2008
1. A famous movie monster from Japan that stars in a series of cult movies that were started in the 1950s. Godzilla rests in the Pacific Ocean and is aroused by a nuclear bomb test held underwater. He has a distinct yell as he wades to the Japanese shore and trashes Tokyo. He also breathes radioactive "fire". In an authentic Godzilla flick you can see the actors speak Japanese but the English dubbing makes it so that what you hear is not what they say. In 1998 an "American" version came out with a computer generated monster (as opposed to the classic man in a costume) that didn't resemble the original beast at all. This bastardized movie had Godzilla tearing up New York City (how the hell did he get over THERE?) and the story is absolutely horrible. Avoid this movie like the plague. Stay FAR away.

2. a hit for the American heavy metal band Blue Oyster Cult.

3. an adjective that describes anything domineering and that takes up space, leaving little room for anything else.
1. to corremorate the new millenium, Japanese film producers released "Godzilla 2000".

2. ... oh no! They say he's got to go, go go Godzilla! Woo hoo hooo...
... History shows again and again how nature wakes up the folly of man. GODZILLA!

3. Jim's Godzilla machine of a pickup truck took up so much space I had to park my Ford right next to the hedges.
by Starpunk December 17, 2007


GODZILLA is the worst joke account ever. OH MY GOD, he's stomping my pitiful ass!
by GODZILLA! September 22, 2004
a dinosore that would kick king kongs ass
you: Know way king kong could kick godzillas ass!!!
me: hells no godzilla would kick king kongs ass!
You:don't give me that crap!
me: dont hate...appreciate
by cv&rv May 29, 2006

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