Creator and Lord of all, is often ripped on by 2/3 of the civilised world because they think that being ultimately accountable for their own actions mustn't be a good thing and it's a good safeguard to not believe cos you want to do what you want (e.g. get incredibly drunk, have sex with this girl/boy, take drugs)

Gives free choice yet is often criticised because the fact he knows everything "is proof that we don't have free choice". Right, so cos someone knows what you will do doesn't mean that you can't do something else.

Often treated as a mechanical concept rather than a being with choice.

Is not an argument against the earth being older than 6000 years, original translation of "day" comes from a word meaning "period of time". Could be an age

Portayed as an angry bearded man in the sky just waiting to make you burn in hell as opposed to a friend that loves you and sent his son to die so you are not held accountable to all the bad things everyone has done (and everyone has done bad things, whether they meant it or not)

Often criticised about people "not being a free thinker if they submit to a deity". Many people love to sound clever if they diss God, it gives them a sense of 'individuality' as they do what too many other people are doing (oh and they also read the da vinci code, a popular yet poorly written fiction book. Good story, but as I said, FICTION)

Often said can't exist because of all the people doing evil things in his(or her, or whatever, doesn't really have a gender) name. The bit in the bible about false prophets completely ignored

Even clever people and scientists believed in God, for example:
Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
CS Lewis

Even Robert Winston is a practicing Jew!

And last but not least, a faithful, loving friend :)
Has enriched many a person's life and worked wonders in the world (read "the cross and the switchblade" for an example)
"For God loved the world so much, he gave his only son to die so that you may not perish but be given eternal life"

"If people do bad things in my name does that mean I don't exist?"

God created people with a choice. That is, to love him or to not love him. Many people choose not to. But tell me, if God made people to love him robotically instead of making it so they could choose to love him, would that be real love?
by JCJ August 27, 2006

1. (a) A being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship; specifically: one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality.
(b) (Capital G.) The unique Supreme Being worshiped by Jews, Christians, Muslims, and adherents of some similar faiths.

2. A person whose great skill, knowledge, or other impressive traits are believed to be supernatural.

3. A person, thing or activity treated with extreme devotion.


4. (Capital G.) Used to express strong emotion, especially shock or amazement. Often preceded by "oh" and/or "my".
1. (a) The Norsemen believed in many gods.
(b) How God could have founded so many contradictory religions in his name is a mystery.

2. Dale Earnhardt is a god to some NASCAR fans.

3. The only god some people respect is the almighty dollar.

4. Oh God, I've just been shot!
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 15, 2006
God depends on your view of things. It could be the almighty all-in-one awesome dude. It could be 1000's of different people for every little thing. It could just be the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky (which I personaly belive in). Or (if your athiest) it could be nothing, your god could be money, Pokemanz, Urban Dictionary, ect.
1. Look! It's god coming down from heaven!

2. My village mainly worships the sun god, Apollo, who do you worship?


4. *Hugs money* Your all I'll ever need besides my anal vibrator...
by TehFlyingSpaghettiMonstz0rOLOL February 11, 2010
God is the super-duper metaphysical Being who created the universe and all that is in it. He transcends time and space because He created it, hence physical specks like us can't see Him or fully comprehend Him.

God loves humanity, but gave humans a choice to love Him back. Mankind collectively rejected this offer when the universal representative (some dude called Adam) said 'no thanks bucko,' culminating in everything going to the dogs and the world plunging into turmoil and suffering, which was fair enough really.

Nevertheless, despite being rejected by His own creation, God sent His Son to earth as a random called Jesus, who died the death we were meant to die. If you are Jesus' friend and you bite the bullet, you can sneak past security with him at the pearly gates, but otherwise you're stuffed.
Thank God I'm with Jesus.
by rocket_engineer February 25, 2008
A completely non biased definition:

In religions, God is the creator of the universe, and ruler of all.

A biased opinion:

A floating skydaddy that idiots believe in.
Non biased person: I respect your opinions, but I happen to believe in a God.

Biased person: Nah mannnn, God is for teh losers, and I'm smarterz cuz I don't Suck ma dick!!11!11!.
by DS joando October 16, 2011
Highly misunderstood. Thought to be angry, judgemental, punishing, and demanding. Used for someone to blame. But if you don't thank God for every smile, why should you blame Him for every tear? If God really thought we could follow all of the rules in the Bible, why would He send Jesus to die on the cross for our sins? The rules are there to GUIDE us to make better decisions to benifit OUR lives. They are not there for us to be perfect, and if God truly made us, then He would know better than anyone how impossible it would be for us to be perfect. He is actually compassionate, loving, merciful, and understanding. He hates all the evil in this world as much as we do. Bad things happening are not caused by God, they are lack of God. He doesnt hate homosexuals, drunkards, ppl who have sex before marriage, murderer's, or anyone else who sins, because, to be honest with ourselves, we all sin. And He made us and loves us for who we are. It breaks His heart when he sees how our bad choices affect us. Also, so-called "Christians" and other ppl of religion who are judgemental and hypocritical and put on an act of being "perfect" are just as much in sin and need God as a drug dealer. No one is perfect, so get over yourselves and stop acting better than everyone else. God is love, so WWJD (what would Jesus do) really means show love to ppl, even those who don't deserve it, cause the one's who deserve it the least, need it the most. It's not a religion, it's a relationship.
For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son.
by flyawaygrl September 24, 2011
If he is so good and powerful, why is the world so fucked up?
"I refused to pray to a god who would allow rainforests to be destroyed in order to make grazing room for cows who would later become Quarter Pounders for the ignorant masses who worship that symbol of all that is evil, Ronald McDonald." - Mia Thermompolis, Princess Diaries.
by alldirtyhoessuckdick April 23, 2010
The omnipotent, omnipresent, omiscience, creator and Judge of all the universe. A few of His attributes are righteous, just, love, mercy, grace, holy, wrath. He's 3 persons but one in essence. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. His word is revealed to us in the bible. We were created in His image. All the earth and creation is evidence of His existence.
Genesis to revelations is word of God
by Saved by Grace777 May 19, 2013
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