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A sexual manuever whereby a man's testicles penetrate his own anus, as propelled by another's fist.
Oh, gee whiz! I was making sweet hate to this guy and he kept screaming "Goblin Punch! Goblin Punch!" So I obliged. I'm telling you man, those nuts were so far up his ass it was awesome! Balls deep, baby...balls deep!
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1. The act of creating a facade of punching someone's face to actually kick the person in the groin.

2. A two-hit Combo of punching in the jaw and kicking the groin at once.
Dii: Ah... I love my new steel-toed boots!
Darrell: Ya your a douch-b for goblin punching Al.
Al: ............ow my balls!!...........
by BlindAsh33 September 20, 2009
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