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A person originating from Goa, India.

See Goa.
See that Indian kid, hes Goan and is partly Portuguese.
by tdotdesi August 12, 2006
n. Someone from or originating from Goa, a state of india comprising of beautiful women, beaches, and landscape. Once a portugese colony this unique place is where many europeans find it suffice to spend a years salary going to the beaches and doing drugs and partying. That is a part of Goa's economy.
1. Colin is a Goan.

2. Those indians are catholic, they have portugese last names and some of them are very fair. They must be Goan.

3. Wow shes a beaufitul indian girl she must be goan.

4. Wow this beach is so nice, and the sunset is breath taking. I feel like such a goan right now.
by CoconutColin June 19, 2005
to go and
Goan Fuck Your Self
by Anonymous June 20, 2003
A simple contraction for "going to". Rhymes with "bone".
Huz goan da pool hall?
by HonkeyCred February 17, 2011
An Amazing Race and a Race that should be recognized as they will soon take over Toronto
Where are you goan?
by Pints May 25, 2005