Stands for "Big Blue Nation" in reference to the fan base of the University of Kentucky Wildcats.
"Did you see the Cats win yesterday??" -Bob
"I sure did! BBN for life!" -Nancy
by oregoncat March 19, 2011
"Big Blue Nation" As in the University of Kentucky Wildcats
Let's go Jorts! BBN!
by BigBlue48 April 02, 2011
bottom bitch nigga
-the worst person in a group who does the dumbest shit
-a dumbass
Me- Jt get off of me with your gay shit
Guy- He plays around to damn much
Me- yeah he just being a BBN
by bigkittyCHSco12 June 28, 2011
Big Black Nigga
Rick Ross is a BBN (a big black nigga)
by johnbrady12 June 25, 2011
1)Bitch By Nature
2)a female who is born a bitch...
3)the girl version of ABN {Asshole By Nature}
4)a girl who doesnt let any guy tell her what to do
guy:ima abn {Asshole By Nature}
girl: please, and ima bbn {Bitch By Nature}
by pantera281 April 14, 2009
(BE BACK NEVER) When you are fed up with talking to someone. Instead of keeping the conversation going just say bbn!
YOU: wow! this conversation is really dry. GIRL: nobodies forcing you to talk to me. YOU: your right. bbn brb dueces one
by MR.STEALYOURGIRL July 21, 2010
BBN is a signature used by two ninjas who frolic in the Francis Parker school. Standing for "B-Break Ninjas", the term BBN has become a widespread signature throughout the school. During B-Break, these skilled ninjas set up scavenger hunts for other students to enjoy. A wonderous and splendid prize resides in a certain location around the school.
A conversation from a BBN to another BBN:
"yo. Kathryn. do you haz the hat?!?"
"lemme open the locker and get it"
"WOOT. i'll join you. ima finish my activia first, though."
"we are soooo cool"
*high five*.
by January 09, 2010

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