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n. Someone from or originating from Goa, a state of india comprising of beautiful women, beaches, and landscape. Once a portugese colony this unique place is where many europeans find it suffice to spend a years salary going to the beaches and doing drugs and partying. That is a part of Goa's economy.
1. Colin is a Goan.

2. Those indians are catholic, they have portugese last names and some of them are very fair. They must be Goan.

3. Wow shes a beaufitul indian girl she must be goan.

4. Wow this beach is so nice, and the sunset is breath taking. I feel like such a goan right now.
by CoconutColin June 19, 2005
A person originating from Goa, India.

See Goa.
See that Indian kid, hes Goan and is partly Portuguese.
by tdotdesi August 12, 2006
to go and
Goan Fuck Your Self
by Anonymous June 20, 2003
An Amazing Race and a Race that should be recognized as they will soon take over Toronto
Where are you goan?
by Pints May 25, 2005
A simple contraction for "going to". Rhymes with "bone".
Huz goan da pool hall?
by HonkeyCred February 17, 2011
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