This is what Marines call running shoes
I went to the store and bought some new Asics gofasters, cause I need to run over to the next town and bang this MILF tonight.
#shoes #running shoes #tennis shoes #basketball shoes #feet
by C_Dog23 April 11, 2006
Top Definition
USMC jargon used to refer to the piece of shit sneakers issued in Marine Corps recruit training.
#sneakers #boots #marines #kicks #boot
by desert garbage August 14, 2009
Term which originated in the military in reference to running shoes.
You little shits better find some go-faster's or I will PT you til you fucking die.
#shoes #running #sneakers #jogging #pt #physical fitness
by B. Pietsch February 03, 2008
chrystal methamphetamine or otherwise known as crysatl meth, speed, shit, junk and others.
I went to the dopeman to get some gofaster but he was out for the moment, so I tweeked on his porch step for the night.
by Jason September 08, 2004
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