4 definitions by iano

Racing stripes, especially if found on an otherwise unremarkable car.
Check out that dork's rice burner! It even has go-faster stripes!
by iano July 18, 2006
In online sex play, a guy who plays a female avatar but only goes after other chicks.
I asked CuriousYellow023 to cyber but that mensbian said he only wants to do women!
by iano July 18, 2006
Swedish for fuck. One of the few satisfying Swedish cuss words. As with most Swedish swearing, add more emphasis and length on the "a" for greater effect.
(delicate electronics project goes up in smoke)

by iano July 18, 2006
A hardcore attendee at a science fiction convention. Like filk, it originated as a misspelling in a convention program.
He knows every Star Trek script by heart. He's such a faan.
by iano July 18, 2006

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