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The concept of interpreting the Bible or other religious texts outside of a literal sense; finding the meaning that was intended behind specific stories, parables, or teachings. Generally when searching for religious truth, one takes into account the time period, the society, the audience, and the writing styles used. This allows religious scholars to understand the Koran the way the first Muslims would have, or to understand the problems and solutions outlined in one of Paul's Epistles.
Luke's Gospel is a good example of the concept of religious truth. The religious truth of Luke's Gospel is that Jesus came for all humanity, especially the poor and marginalized members of society. This is especially shown in his birth narrative, which portrays Jesus being born in a stable and sleeping in a manger. The birth narrative also shows shepherds as the first to hear the good news of Jesus' birth; shepherds were extremely low-class citizens in ancient Jewish society.
by progamer124 July 11, 2003
What one perceives as God's word, which can be different things to people in a group but is known to be absolute fact to each individual.
When someone says they have religious truth remember this saying: "Follow him who seeks the truth; beware of him who has found it."
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
(n) An abstract spiritual concept desired by many and debated for centuries by theologians; a confirmation of faith or meaning from the deity in question, enlightenment.
1. Seeking religious truth, Jane joined the covenant.
2. I'm not sure even the Pope or the Dahli Llama has attained a real level of religious truth.
by discountalligator July 09, 2003
This is an oxymoron.
You bitch.
by lalalala July 09, 2003
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