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When "one's" ball sack is stuck to other extremities, i.e. leg, taint, butthole, etc. Usually occurs after profuse sweating, or banging some Broad and not showering afterwards.
I need to go shower ASAP, I got a wicked bad case of Glue Balls!!!

I had Glue Balls so bad last night, I had to walk around like your Mom!!!
by Catphish18 August 27, 2007
When it has been a very long time since "one" has last ejaculated and "one's" sperm just keeps building up.
Person 1: I got in trouble with my girl and she won't let me hit for 3 months.

Person 2: Man bro, your sick! Your gonna be stuck with Glueballs for 3 months!?
by YourAverageHomie April 02, 2014
When your afraid of getting a boner during the day you glue or tape your dick to your leg in case you get a boner so you don't get embarrassed
Did you see him!? you could totally tell he glueballs every day now that that new girls around.
by A-rod the bomb October 30, 2009
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