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A failed attempt at expelling phlem or other liquid material from one's mouth with the end result of having the liquid material land on the originator's chin, forehead shirt, or other part of the body.
Nice job genius, you just gloobered on yourself.. I guess that teaches you to spit in public..
by Jimi Spier November 27, 2007
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The piece a food that gets stuck between your teeth, particularly showing up during job interviews, dates, or family portraits.
"Dude, I hope you didn't smile-- you have a nasty gloober in your tooth."
by TheHotPop April 25, 2007
A man's penis or dick.
Ay bitch, suck my gloober.
by Rome707 September 15, 2007
wierd word some sort of an insult
You are a gl0ober
by Anonymous November 07, 2003

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