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Only glamorous people have them; responsible for feelings of artistic and sometimes sexual pleasure when stimulated. They sparkle and glitter like diamonds.
Lady Gaga has a glitoris.
by cjhazard March 20, 2010
This is the gland found between the legs of a female pixie that secrets glitter. This is similar to the female human clitoris but differs in that most men probably have a better chance of being able to find a glitoris.
Loads of glitter came out of that pixie's glitoris.
by MindNinja January 29, 2015
(n) 1) The result of a vajazzling appointment gone horribly wrong. AKA, a sparkling clitoris.

(n) 2) A pierced clitoris in which the wearer inserts a gemstone adorned piece of jewelry.
Man I got the new girl at the spa today, I am now the proud mama of a glitoris. I swear, the thing looks like a pearl in a clam shell.
by JadedK October 03, 2014
Another name for for a gay mans genitals.
Guy 1: Hey man, you get any action last night?

Guy 2: Yeah man, I got that glitoris
by Lem N November 02, 2014
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