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glimp ; verb (Glimping, Glimped)

To have sexual intercourse while wearing 'Aviator' glasses; Often with a non-emotional face or cool voice.
Tom- Yeah, so I found out I really wanna try glimping some girl!

Jack- Yeah, it is pretty awesome.
by Geegee43 January 16, 2010

:(verb) 1. to attain with malice 2. to perform a surgical procedure motivated by or resulting from impulse rather than thought
Guy - "I was delighted when I emptied my pockets this morning and realised that I'd glimped six lighters."

Guy - "So I glimped the kneecaps off the youngfella coz that's just the way I spalled it."
by Hawky1 July 09, 2011
The word 'glimp' is derived from 'gimp' and 'blimp' and refers to cars that have unnecessary accessories such as spoilers, body kits, excessive paint jobs and chrome rims.
- "Oh dude did you see that glimp tearing down the road just then?"
- "Oh yeah. Must have a tiny penis."

- "Hey, do you want to drive down the road to get some food with me?"
- "Not in that glimp."
by Fappuccino October 03, 2011
It means:
1) A person who is stupid
2) A person who is annoying
"You glimp!"
"That kid over there is such a glimp!"
by Jason Jones July 25, 2004
someone with a limp in both legs. think sbout it...limping with bothe legs. It's pretty sad.
I kicked him in the shins...now he's a glimp.
by bread infection November 07, 2005