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A common russian name.
My name is Eric and this is Gleb.
by Gleb... December 30, 2004
A guy who will rip your heart out with his eyes and smoke it all away. Not to be trusted, as he is almost always self-absorbed and cocky-- do not be deceived by his intelligence. Often re-uses cheap phrases like "you make me nervous."
"Gleb always thinks he knows everything- it's starting to annoy me."
"He totally made a move on me the other day."
"EW he's such a Gleb."
by doneezy December 19, 2005
Someone who's beloved but don't appreciate it.
You should make up your mind,I'm sick and tired of games.
by Shayana March 10, 2005
a history and classical music buff, who also paints and dabbles in cartography; a genuine Renaissance man who is such a gentleman that he apologizes excessively.
"That guy kept apologizing to me. He even said that we was sorry for being so apologetic."
"Man, what a Gleb."

"Who's that guy who keeps drawing maps?"
"He sounds like a Gleb."
by C.3.3. November 23, 2012
To be infuriatingly funny, disoriented, abstract, abstruse, and besotted.
Did Robin just Gleb him on purpose? She's one screwy chick.
by Stephen Watson April 16, 2004
A really nice guy who is really shy. Has a few friends who he cares about a lot, but can feel a bit insulted by them. Only talks to other guys, but will talk to girls as well if they start talking to him. Really smart, can be a total douche sometimes, but in the end will care about almost anyone. Has a few different ideas, and is treated badly for them, but he doesn't care about how others think. Really smart, cute, and shy towards girls. If you ever meet a Gleb be sure to talk to him, he can be interesting when you get to know him and he isn't shy towards you. Really affectionate.
P1: Who's that over there?
P2: That's Gleb, you should talk to him ;)
by RetroFr3ak59 January 14, 2014
a word that can be used as any part of speech to mean something sexual.
ex 1
Guy 1: That chick is so hot
Guy 2: Yeah she totally wants your gleb

ex 2
yo dude i glebbed all over her last night

ex 3
by Ed Roll February 25, 2010
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