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Glamboyant is a hybrid word of the words "glam" as in glam rock and "flamboyant." Someone who is glamboyant is an extrovert who embodies the qualities of style, fabulousness, & intelligent wit.
I miss the "Here Come the Warm Jets" period, when Brian Eno was so glamboyant.
by Lemonkid October 25, 2004
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Flamboyant kicked up a notch--or ten--as in reference to "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert's American Music Awards performance.

Flamboyant with a glam edge.

Inspired by "Glambert," media nickname given to the glam-inspired performer
Dude: "Man, Steven Tyler and Chris Robinson are flamboyant."

Other dude: "Yeah but they'd need to sparkle it up like David Bowie to be truly glamboyant."

TV watcher: "Did you see Adam Lambert perform on Letterman? He sang the song Pink wrote, "Whataya Want From Me" totally straight, no stage theatrics, dancing or glitter."

Other TV watcher: "Yeah, he says he's trying to get away from the glamboyant image of the American Music Awards performance and focus on the music and his singing."

Cougar in the corner: "Damn, but I like when guys are glamboyant--nothing better than sharing clothes and make-up with a hottie"
by MauiZan December 04, 2009

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