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A girl who needs no definition because she's all round amazing.
That girl is definitely Gizel. She's amazing.
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by The girl you don't know April 02, 2013
An adjective used to describe anything indescribable because it is beyond amazing. It is an adjective any girl would like to be called.
Person 1: The weather outside is really nice.

Person 2: Yeah, it's absolutely Gizel.

Person 1: Definitely, bro. So Gizel.
#nice #gizel #indescribable #beyond #amazing #adjective #girl #describe #called #wonderful #awesome #cool #fantastic
by TheOriginalMrsOdair December 08, 2013
Gizel's a 1/1000 kinda girl. Her heart, her soul and mind are made of gold. She's the type of friend that gives and dosent take. She will be loyal to whoever is loyal to her. She has a wild side and a quiet side, she is friends with mostly everyone. She's a full package. She is all-star athlete and leaves people breathless with her musical talents. Beware of her bad side, although she is an amazing person she has a bad side that can rip you to shreds. If you fuck her over, she will make sure your life's hell. Respect is key for her and if you don't respect her, she will cut you out of her life. Shes a tough girl and could probably beat the shit out of you. Although that, she's a loving girl who's sensitive at times.
"That girl Gizel is a dime, who wouldn't want to fuck her?
#gizel #cutie #hot #amazing #loyal
by honestgirls2k14 July 04, 2014
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