(noun) a person who is amazingly imaginative, original, and individual. crazy good soccer player. loved by all. typically brasilian.
Oh man, I love those Gizelles!!!
by josephinah January 27, 2008
A Nice, Attractive,Smart,and Intelligent Person Who you can have fun with anytime she's available to hang out
(Cool) That Gizelle Is Cool!
by Makayla Valentine May 04, 2011
an awesome girl that is like a second half.

shes there for you when you go mad for a boy/girl.

there when you cry your ass off in the middle of school. and she is the most perfect girl who loves penguins. and has the cutest smile. and weird in a good way.
"I wish Gizelle was by my side."

"She is such a Gizelle."

"Gizelle is so awesome and cute."
by debbehhh September 05, 2011
Head-bobbin, finger-pointing, sassy Puerto Rican lady who is a lover of fine foods and wine; often gives poor first impressions but inevitably everyone grows to love her. Usually married to a high-maintenance metrosexual who thinks he's funnier than his wife - NOT! One hot feisty babe! A true friend that can be confrontational when cornered. Someone to end up in jail with because it was worth the fun getting there!
I couldn't stand you when I first met you but now I really like you.

response: OMG, I feel the SAME way!

We pulled a gizelle last night and were allowed one phone call.
by navy wife February 03, 2010

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