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Daniele is a name given to a beautiful long, brown-haired girl who is in love with the thought of love. She's one of the weirdest, funniest girls you're ever going to meet. She's easy to talk to, but very bad at flirting. If you want to get on her side, make her laugh.
Guy: hey, do you know Daniele?
Girl: yeah, she's super cool.
Guy: I know, she's so funny
by qwerty1787 August 13, 2011
A famous male artist. One of eight children, and from a family very poor. A self taught man even though he quit school in sixth grade to work in order to help support his Mother and family. He is a common man and felt nobody is better or the same. Never accepted handouts or felt entitlement on any level. Never deceived or trapped anyone into a bad business deal. Well respected.
More times than not you can predict the future by looking at history. Based on Daniele's history it is safe to assume he will never steal, lie, or cheat.
by sociology101 August 18, 2011
God Is My Judge.
The Italian for of the English name Daniel.
Someone who is naturally skilled in stealing
4 handles?! only Daniele could have gotten that many!
by dpn10cap May 24, 2011
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