To tell a individual to disperse at once. Usually done while having the middle finger pointed at the person you want to git.
You know what Craig. You can GIT!!
by talented romantic March 07, 2008
A party thrown by to meet people off the internet.
You remember that G.I.T. in Windsor last year? The one with all the Pabst Blue?
by patten September 27, 2004
Gay in training!

Young gay learning the tricks.
Joey is such a git!

You are still a git!
That git needs to graduate!
by Cinnamon bitches! August 14, 2014
means twat and usually used in the awesome comedy Only Fools And Horses
"Rodney you git!!!"
by tutti head1234567890 November 16, 2011
A no good bastard. One who refuses to accept people in the world. Like a dick only most people wont know what the hell your talking about. (Learned from Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling) Prat.
Gurl 1: "Oh my gawd, he's such a Git."
Gurl 2: "I know right. He needs to get his head out of his ass."
Gurl 3: "Sad part ladies, he's so damn pretty!!!"
by Namine Glambert November 25, 2010
Mainly used in the UK, it is defined as an annoying jerk.
Percy Weasley is a major git from the fifth Harry Potter book on.
by rachelwuzheer October 30, 2010
another word for fanny, pussy, minge,
"get ur git out!" or "she has a really tight git"
by tommy hadwizzle June 05, 2009
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