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You can Gits someone, to be Gitsed is to have your house decorated, prank style! In order to Gits you must tape up, silly string, fake snow etc someones house/apartment. To Gits, however, is not to cause damage or long term issues.
Haha! You just got Gitsed!
We're gonna Gits them!
by Gitzer1 July 02, 2010
Gastro-intestinal toxic shock. It's that horribly bloated and alarmingly painful feeling you get after eating way more than your body can handle.
I totally got the gits last night after wolfing down that family sized chicken finger platter.
by beefchunks November 22, 2009
Means idiot or rotter. Often used affectionately like bugger (noun), but when used seriously is probably more potent (but less rude) than the worst swear words.

Possibly derived from 17th century English 'get' meaning bastard.
1. Daft old git!
2. He's a nasty, horrible git.
by lolollololoLOLOL January 07, 2008
A young camel.
Gits, only a few hours old, are remarkable for learning how to run within a short span of time.
by Bleedin Rascal January 09, 2013
Get in there son
Person1: So I met this girl
Person2: Gits
by AnonymousIV August 21, 2011
The way a swamp person or trailer trash tells another person to go away or leave...
"Ursula, dinn'nt I tell y'all to leave me alone while 'am brushin' mah tooth? Now 'GIT!!!!
by Marquis70 February 12, 2010
another word for fanny, pussy, minge,
"get ur git out!" or "she has a really tight git"
by tommy hadwizzle June 05, 2009