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North East English dialect to mean 'very' in some areas may be pronounced as 'get'.

the word can be also used to enhance or show more conviction of the describing word that follows it.

This word appears a number of times in the traditional North Eastern folk song "The Lambton Worm"
he's git clumsy
by Mush 21 March 25, 2011
A very common word that rednecks use to replace the word get.
'Git in the chevy billy bob
by dstroy December 19, 2007
"Gay in training."
a young child, usually referring to a male, who will most likely grow up to be a homosexual.
I think Chase is definitely a G.I.T.
by Jerry November 18, 2004
A party thrown by bizzos.org to meet people off the internet.
You remember that G.I.T. in Windsor last year? The one with all the Pabst Blue?
by patten September 27, 2004
means twat and usually used in the awesome comedy Only Fools And Horses
"Rodney you git!!!"
by tutti head1234567890 November 16, 2011
stands for Get In There. Another way of saying tap in with someone.
Come on Luke! G.I.T. with Lily already!!!
by Willo Kert June 17, 2011
Mainly used in the UK, it is defined as an annoying jerk.
Percy Weasley is a major git from the fifth Harry Potter book on.
by rachelwuzheer October 30, 2010