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(1) The female reproductive organ as exhibited by obese women who choose to wear spandex or lycra. Sometimes mistaken for part of the leg.
(2) An uncommon medical condition caused by acute deposits of fat in the vagina. Can cause vomitting if left untreated.
Lardgina examples?...no its gross
by dkeros November 17, 2005
A person who likes to rub parts of the body with the index finger, to then smell it
Cameltoe to nose....smelladdict
by dkeros June 06, 2005
A person who enjoys a monogamous sexual relation with a domesticated feline.
WOMAN1: Hey is that your cat?
WOMAN2: No...that's my husband.
by dkeros June 04, 2005
Extremely large mamantary glands. Usually,but not always, exhibited by females. Short for Gigatits.
The G is always capitalized.
Dude, Look at those Gits!
by dkeros June 04, 2005

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