A very common word that rednecks use to replace the word get.
'Git in the chevy billy bob
by dstroy December 19, 2007
Term often used by Delboy Trotter. Usually adressing Grandad or uncle Albert.
"Go on, and make your own cup of tea, you lazy ol git"
by Dinamo Zagreb November 06, 2007
a little kid of a younger age group. Usually younger than you are.
Aye git lemme hold yo football., or Dam how old git is cuz that lil nigga fast-a than a bih.
by SHOW2DATIME April 14, 2008
a short person, migit, little kids being adressed by older or bossy people
bring them gits over here to get an ass beating
by shawtyboy February 16, 2005
Extremely large mamantary glands. Usually,but not always, exhibited by females. Short for Gigatits.
The G is always capitalized.
Dude, Look at those Gits!
by dkeros June 04, 2005
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