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A quick one off the wrist. Derived from a combination of jism and wrist. Not related to fisting.
I was supposed to be summarizing the document but instead I was in the bathroom gisting.
by Fishyrich October 17, 2011
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The act of learning enough about a subject to be dangerous in conversation or writing. Those who are adept at gisting can participate in conversations with subject experts without getting lost along the way. Anyone who prides themselves on knowing a little about a lot, knowing enough to be dangerous, or being considered a quick study is probably good at gisting.
Hannah spent some time gisting on fluid dynamics so that she could have a better interview with the engineers.

People call Megan a quick study, but she's really just very good at gisting.

I didn't follow everything that Emily said, but I'm gisting my way through it.
by D L Sonders June 08, 2010
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