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Sexy,funny,cute brown eye girl,activate,has a positive attitude but horrible when they get mad,Gissels are mostly Mexicans,sometimes is judgmental,can take jokes,likes using the internet a lot
"Did you see that girl Gissel?"
"Yeah, she has a big butt"
by crazychick5 May 06, 2013
Gissel is a unique friend. She will laugh with you over nothing, will be there to cheer you up like a loyal golden retriever. Gissel´s tend to have beautiful big brown eyes, and a beautiful smile that makes you want to smile. They are Hard dedicated workers, task oriented.

They are very social and can get bored if left alone for a long time.. But this wont really happen since they tend to make friends very easily.. I mean who wouldn't want their very own Gissel . She uses contacts and glasses, either way she is beautiful. They are liked by everyone.

Dont feed them any hard alcohol. Gissel´s don't do well with it. They should stick to beer for your sake and mine.
Once you find a Gissel you should never let go because they are a real true blue friend you can count on for the big and small things in life.

Sweet, funny and thoughtful. Everyone should have a Gissel cause she is everything you could want in a girl friend.

She's so cool and stylish ..she deserves more than just 6 definitions on urban dictionary.Everyone will want her as a best friend.
by flipper26 March 09, 2014