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short for 'give us' , pronounced like jiss. Used among the teenage youth for swagging up speech and for general convenience. Evolution sequence: Give us - Geeze - Giss. ers can be added for additional emphasis

Also: gisser - a generous soul who will rarely deny you when you ask him to gissers something
George: comon, giss a crisp!

Varun: nah mate, only got a few left

Rob: don't be a faggot varun, gissers a crisp now or we will tell papa prasun. he may take away your onion bhajji allowance for this week
Varun: alright... but giss some respect, blackmail is not cool

George: cheers varun, you top gisser
by yoloswagdaddy March 27, 2013
Giss (verb)

A kiss from a gay individual.
You're really going to let him give you a giss, son?

My gay bff just gave me the best giss I have ever gotten!

I really would enjoy a scrotal giss tonight...
by SpicyBeaver1212 May 19, 2010
Achronym of: Gone in Sixty Seconds

Refers to someone who get pants shitting drunk very quickly which results in them leave the drinking establishment early in the night without saying goodbye.

Obviously taken from the great Nick Cage movie.
Damn GISSed early as hell last night.

Don't you GISS from this party.

Daydrinking always leads to GISSing.
Achronym of: General Impression of Size and Shape. ie: How you recognise a familiar person from a distance from their size and shape.
Hey man, look at that guy over there, swinging his hips and tossing his hair. He looks like my mate Jake, i can tell from his 'Giss'. His 'Giss' looks familiar.
by MikYahRose May 23, 2009
same word as "just"
i giss hooked up wit a cutie, guys! hell YeeaaAAHH!!!
by amanda March 13, 2004
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